Indeed the goodness of God is shown every single day of my life...Recently i have just overcame problems that troubled me for the past months.What a relief....haha.PTL

Yet, apart from the blessings that God has placed in our life, he never fails to give us obstacles and troubles to help us to grow.LOL, it sounds harsh and rude to God, but i feel this is the real truth. As God wants to mould us and train us to become a greater person to fulfil his great commission, how can he not give us problems to solve. What God asked from us is super simple, he is asking us to totally trust and depend on him, and having the faith to conquer the problem when things happen. Of course that doesn't mean that we are just sitting there and wait for blessings that drop from the sky.haha,but we need to put in efforts and begin to work for it. Along the way, God will provide us more than enough to help us...that is the reason we need to become bigger people for his bigger vision....haha, that is enlargement.

I really feel that recently God is doing somethings that it is unusual in my life. I totally trust him and give him all my credits.haha....GOD!!!!!help me to pass my supplementary paper ah!!lol.....

okok,will blog more when Semester starts

When i do my reflection lately, 'why' is the word that came across my mind, a lot of times, we often asked why certain things happened,why certain issues arises, why people think the way that the issue itself when there is not an issue, and why some people, including me, cannot get over the things that happened; and why people misunderstood us. these things can go on and on with why, and it brings confusion, fraustration, anger and recentment. As i am typing this, i myself do not know what i write is making any senses.

Yet, God gives us chances to repent, he puts good stuff and nice people around our world as we go on with our daily lives, and often, instead of thanking God for such good things, we choose to dwell in negative mindset, we choose not to walk out of situation and overcome the obstacle. Indeed, God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good....I am not denying that. So, I shall walk out of the situation of always bothered by what people is thinking about me,(although that seems important, and it is important sometimes), I should be thinking about what God thinks about me in areas that i need to overcome and change. No doubt, God gives us problem, if we think negatively, his aim is to destroy us and make us look bad; Yet if we change our mindset, it should be God gives us problem is to mould and train us to become a problem solver, and it makes us be more dependent on him and trust him totally with all our heart, our mind and our soul, that he is the one who brings provision to us.

This is the prayer that i prayed today, Dear heavenly father, i give you all my problems and lift it up to you, in the name of jesus, I cast out negative mindset,holy spirit, help me to become more dependent on you, i pray that God will enlarge my faith as i live my daily lives. Help me to forgive and forget those who has offended me and i pray that you will turn whatever negative situation around. Father, you are indeed our jehovah rapha, that you will bring healing to our soul, you are indeed our jehovah jireh, that you are able to priovde us with everything that we need to fight for whatever is righteous ; Seek first the kingdom of God, and everything will be added to us in his righteous and glory!!!Amen!!!

Haha.....the previous entry was so emotional,but this one is very spiritual,lol.but sometimes is just so amazing that how God works in our life.

okok,shall really share something about it. I went to the main campus today sometime in the evening, actually wanna use the 24 hour Computer lab to do some reading and watch online service, but somehow the lab was ocuppied with people, and i was so disappointed because i walk all the way from FMC to main campus,and it was soooooo that moment,my whole body felt real cold and shivering.

Somehow God really knows how to make us to be joyful, I saw a koala bear...omg!!!it is my first time see it via such a close distance and somemore in school,not even wildlife park!!even a passer by also told me that i was lucky!!wahaha....suddenly all my disappointment was gone,and i felt really happy!and taking photos with the koala(only the koala alone)haha.....praise God for that!!!!wahaha......Enjoy the pics!!!

It is 3am in the morning....but the feeling of oppression and saddness just overwhelmed me,i couldn't sleep, tears just couldn't stop.It has been so long i have never had this feeling and for so long, i couldn't cry like this. I could not help myself and i am shivering right now even i put on 3 layers of clothing, my heart felt cold and numb of my heart.....perhaps, many of you who read this post will said that i am over-exaggerating,but it is truth,and if you ask me what happen?i also do not know and i am figuring out what happen?

Anyway, i am just having some problems with one of my close friend, i am not denying that i am at fault,but as much as i want to protect the person, i am swallowing all the words to myself and those words are so bitter then any medications that i had before. I could not tell anybody, i feel that no one i can trust if i share, i am afraid no one can keep all my words and understand. Some how, I feel God's presence and he is watching me and healing all my inner wounds. Maybe i am too sensitive to ppl's comment,maybe i am too anxious when ppl made comment about me.

However, i hope that i am able to walk out of this situation, but at the same time,i am hoping that even the person saw it, our friendship will be restored but not getting worse.Haiz......why why why why!!!!!!!!!!!!...........Zzzzzz,somehow i am starting to doubt myself am i really that bad?Deep in my spirit, i know that now only one person is happy to see this,that is Satan.But, as i am writing this, i start to recall Psalm 23:4-yea,though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,I will fear no evill; For you are with me;your rod and your staff,they comfort me....Praise the Lord!!!!!


这几天,地震的消息牵动了全国人民,感动了全世界。。。,虽然心中感慨万分,但千言万语尽在不言中。我真正希望你们可以勇敢起来。把血与泪化成一股属于中 国人的力量。从伤痛中勇敢地走出来。对于个人来说,其实挺痛心的,远在国外,想尽自己的一份力都显得那么困难。。。但我不会放弃,我会继续坚持的走下去。 不管多远,我希望我能向光一样,照亮每一个人的世界。。。四川人民加油啊!!!

Today i went up to the housing office to check my internet credits, however, i was told that my parcel from Singapore has finally come~!

It is all my previous notes from Church and all my books that i needed,and my long awaited charger for my MP3!!!lol......i think it will be a sleepless night again to listen to the music and reading of the book again!!!(By the way,i have had 8 hours of rushing assignment and didn't sleep for the whole night yesterday...)but the amazing thing is,i don't feel tired and i have really learnt a lesson of finishing things on time!!

haha.....easter camp had past so long ago!!!I feel so guilty for blogging about it now.But i believe wherever the gospel is spread, there will be new live and revival~!!Yeah,PTL, revival is gonna come~!

Ah ha....but i don't know where and how to start this entry. Nevermind,just write by faith...haha. Okok, i didn't really have much expectation for the camp. I just wanted to know more friends and have fellowship. However, Our heavenly father is really amazing,he always works in ways that we cannot predict.(haha....for those who have my sharing of the testimony,shall know what i mean). Anyway,i really got inspired by the word of God during the 3 days of the camp, it reminded me of the first love of the father. It prompted me to be always find back the first love and get the passion to go on. Secondly, it really reminded me of the importance of be in tune with the holy spirit, and our path will be directed. We are not walking on this earth and do everything our own.

In addition, during some of the praise and worship session, God really reminds me again and again and i felt the strong conviction that i have to be equiped with the wisdom of God and be a person that shines in Marketplace and bring influence to the lost in CHINA. It will the difficult i can say, because i am not sure what is going to happen in front of me,but, again.... Have FAITH!!!!! that is the most essential thing that a christian should have, not just have the faith, but walk by faith....

Yah.....there were so many events that happend during the camp but i couldn't write it down here one by one.haha.....ya,i really hope that things that i blog will improve and from glory to glory and impact more ppl!!!pray for me ya~~

haha....i will be updating my blog very soon,soon means after completeing 2 of my assignments!!!lol....sorry for not updating for ages

Finally 1 assignment was down....But!!!!there are many more to come in 2-3 weeks time and i have not even started yet.the worst thing is i dun even have any idea of what to do and i just have to pray for God's strength and wisdom to pull me through!!!!Tomorrow will be the day that i will go through clinical briefing,i am starting my attachment in 3 weeks time.I really must take this time to thank God that prayer really works.i am able to swap my attachment venue with somebody,so i no need to speend a single cent to travel to the place!!!!
food that will last me for a few weeks

Nothing so happening this week,but went to shopping this weekend after a stressful week,finally can rest a little while,that is why i bought a lot of stuff and i have new roommates...but i dun really like it and sorry to say this,i really hate it!!!If situation gets worse,i might stay with them for the whole winter。。。。ah!!!!help help help!!!!if you guys are curious, you will see my roommate in this picture.

Pretty excited about this title,haha...but too bad,i did not take any photos for today's practical session during workshop.We actually don surgical gowns,mask and sterile gloves to act as a OR nurse.Anyway,now i got to go for dinner,and after which,i need to rush for my assignment bcoz it is due tml... this is not the worst part, i still got to do referencing for whatever i had read and copied.Guys,believe me,this process can really killed a person!!!Ah....but should be alright after getting use to it.